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Divorce and Separation

Court-ordered parenting. A Co-Parenting Course for Divorcing and Separating Parents. Court Accepted.

  • Virtual Training

  • Group or Individual

  • Live Trainer

  • Flexible Training Time

  • Only 4 hours to complete

  • Groups session completes in 4 hours

  • Individual Sessions completed as scheduled

  • Certificate upon completion

Father and Daughter

Co-Parenting Class for Families In Transition

A Co-Parenting Court Mandated Class for Divorcing and Separating Parents

Something to Ponder.

No matter how hard you may try, parents don't divorce their children.

Dad will always be dad.  Mom will always be mom to a child.

When relationships Fall Apart.

We can help you with that and your new beginning.


Life in Transition

Parenting and Relationship Management

Our Family Management Coaches, Advisors, Parent Educators, and Support Services team are here to support you and your children through this journey of transition and change.

Image by Jonathan Borba


Letting go. Looking forward. Evaluating. Planning.  Building Confidence and taking the next step.

Mom and Son


Feel stronger. Assured.  Confident. Determined. Self-Directing. 

Image by Omar Lopez


Independent. Stabilizing. Letting go and embracing the new. At peace.

Family Stabilization
Father and Son Playing

Co-Parenting 101

The welfare of children is at the center of concern during divorce and separation.  This seminar is organized with an emphasis on learning how to help and lead children through this life-altering transition.

"My Testimony"

"No where on my radar did I ever think I would be in a divorce court especially after 15 years of marriage with two underage 18 children.  But here I am.  A minister with a wonderful congregation and children going through a divorce I never thought would ever happen. In this unsettling journey, I was lead to Indiana Parenting Institute. Meeting with Ms. Wynn and her staff helped me not only understand the process, but also regain my dignity."

A Thankful Pastor...

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