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Welcome to Parenting and Educating Children for
Life Success in the 21st Century.

Informed parenting, co-parenting, family relationships, and healthy kids are IPI's favorite topics of conversation.

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Did you know?

Parenting is a learned skill. It is also an occupation. And as the work world has taught us, the better our knowledge and skills, the better our outcomes. If you are seeking the best for your children, let IPI's experienced professional Parent Educators help you get there.

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Why Parenting Education?

To become and remain effective, people need training. Even caregivers (parents).

Caregiving is both a learned skill and a dynamic enterprise. It is affected daily by new, uncharted influences. To best manage this influx of new technologies, new norms, and new information, care-giving (like all learned skills) needs regular updating to remain relevant and productive. Parenting (or Family) education is the vehicle for accomplishing this.

Yet, research shows that most parents are unaware of the modern parenting practices available to assist with their childrearing issues because they've never even considered a parenting class.

As a result, research further shows that most child abuse and neglect is committed by a parent:


reported as perpetrators or for child neglect


of children victimized by a parent


children are abused in the U.S. each year

Why struggle, when your answer is just a phone call away?

Update Your Parenting Skills Today!

at IPI, at Home, by Phone, Online, at the Office.

No matter what your caregiving situation:

  • Planning a family

  • Currently raising your own children

  • Foster parenting | Kinship Care

  • Mentoring

  • Teaching, or

  • Working with children

Indiana Parenting Institute, Inc.   (IPI)'s Birth2Eighteen offerings are the resource for you.


Our professionals are ready to assist you
with matters related to:

  • Divorcing | Families-in-Transition

  • Co-Parenting

  • Supervised Visitation | Parenting Time

  • Department of Child Services (DCS) Cases

  • Fatherhood Engagement

  • Family Preservation

  • Partner Relationship Issues

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"Modern Parenting for modern children requires modern parenting skills. I finally got it!
Old parenting skills don't work on today's kids."

Krystal M., B2E parent


IPI's Parenting Birth2Eighteen (B2E)

What's Most Important for You and Your Family?

Parenting & Family Life Skills

Parenting is multifaceted. At IPI, parents learn about a child's diverse needs and how to effectively respond to their behaviors that are communicating those needs. B2E provides parents with a depth and breadth of understanding and skills around child growth and development, equipping them to keep their children safe and healthy. 


Relationship Management

Healthy relationships within your sphere of influence are essential to your emotional and mental health and well-being. In our Relationship Management sessions, you'll obtain insight into the core skills needed to build functional relationships with anyone – kids, partners, colleagues, even yourself.

Customer Service

During times of need, IPI's Family Resources Center serves as a vital hub for community support and supportive services for families with children ages Birth2Eighteen.

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IPI is Perfect for you.

  • We have been enhancing and updating (aka, upskilling) the family management & life skills, relationships, and lives of families throughout Indiana for over 20 years.

  • We work with anyone caring for children: parents, step-parents, grandparents, siblings, guardians, foster parents, adoptive parents, teachers, youth workers, youth mentors. Our services have proven especially helpful for divorcing parents and for those who are co-parenting.

  • Our parenting sessions provide flexibility, designed to fit each individual family's lifestyle, because we know that today’s parents have busy schedules.

  • We partner with caregivers and the community to solve parenting, social, education, and economic challenges in support of families raising children from Birth2Eighteen years old. Our experienced team is devoted to ensuring that every family has access to the resources and tools they need to succeed.

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