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ParentChat @Home, School, or Work (Select the Right Solution For You)

A Parent Chat is for busy parents who require advice but would prefer to receive it privately and conveniently, no matter where they are. After almost twenty years of providing parenting, family management, and related advisory services to people parenting children from birth to eighteen, we know that parenting challenges vary from parent to parent. As a result, our virtual online Parent Chat Advisory is ideal for parents who want personalized services when needed.



Parenting and relationship advice when needed.  You decide.

Parenting With Laura is a monthly blog subscription. It gives you the convenience of learning and practicing the tools needed to parent and manage relationships in today's world.


So, subscribe today and enjoy the convenience of having access to the latest family life skills resources at your fingertips.

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ParentChats ... It Only Takes a Phone Call.

Do you have pressing parenting, family management, or personal relationship concerns? Do you need to talk to someone as soon as possible to get guidance for your situation?



Our Online Chat services are as near as your cell phone or laptop.  Call or log on.  We are here for you.

Connect now with our Parent Advisory Service, a ParentChat, phone, or ZOOM.  These convenient service options are easily accessed from the comfort of your home, vacation, work, or wherever you may be.  Minimizing the stressors of parenting and personal relationship challenges is what we do. Connect with us.


Primary Process Steps

Doing Homework

Please choose the appropriate option that reflects the developmental age of your child or children while selecting your Chat or Advisory session.

Track 1: Family Planning

It is recommended for individuals interested in pre-martial family planning and parenting education. 

Track 2: Parents in Waiting

For parents expecting their first child. Includes discussions and demonstrations on self-care, preparing for baby's arrival, well-baby care, and co-parenting.

Track 3:  Foundational Parenting Stage 1 and 2

For parents of infants, toddlers, and preschoolers ages birth to 5 years.  The class covers parenting essentials for the formative developmental years; nurturing, communication, problem-solving, discipline, school-readiness, temperance, behavior, guiding intellectual comprehension, and more.

Track 4:  Parenting Tweens

For parents of children ages 6 to 12.  Peers, TV, and technology are their most significant influences.  This course instructs parents on encouraging positive child growth and development while managing kids' healthy behaviors.

Track 5:  Parenting Teen

Preparation for young adulthood and beyond  Ages 15 to 17. The teen years are when a young person’s life begins transitioning from childhood into young adulthood. Parents participating in this course will learn parenting skills for a smooth transition.

Track 6:  Teen Parents & Their Parents

This class aims to increase the capacity of teen parents to make informed parenting choices in the care, growth, and development of their child and to the importance of self-care and education.

Track 7:  Family Relationship Management

This class aims to support parents in managing conflicting points of view and strengthening parent-child relationships.


Learning From Home

Something to Ponder

One of the many roles of a parent is to raise a child to be a responsible and productive adult and citizen of the world.

Indiana Parenting Institute is dedicated to supporting you in raising children to achieve that goal.

We are here to be of service.
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An Added Benefit....
Our ParentChats are perfect for busy parents in many situations, including addressing school-based attendance and academic challenges with parent and child participating in the Chat. Personalize your ParentChat to your benefit.

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Truancy Prevention/

Intervention For Parents

Girl Raising Hand

How you can help improve Improving Student Literacy Skills and Reduce Truancy

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School Drop-Out Prevention

& Intervention


""The most significant relationship a youngster will have is with their parents. The way that relationship develops over time has the potential to be either a threat or a benefit to society." " 

What a Parent Had To Say...


"No regrets. I learned a whole lot more than I thought I would.  Patience... I realized I was taking my role as a parent much too lightly.  I was raising a child who needed skills to function as a successful adult.  I have a child to 'launch into adulthood successfully.'  I now know what that requires of me as a single mom and a PARENT!"

Maude L.

What does being an Engaged Parent in Your Child's Education mean?

This mini-class will help you clarify your parent engagement gift to your child and school.

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