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The Urban

Dads Project

We are sharpening the skills and assurances of dads to build and maintain secure, healthy relationships across family generations.

Work Life Family Balance

Harnessing the Power of

"The Family"

A child's parents provide both masculine and feminine influences in their development.


Children's biological ties to both parents do not change regardless of whether they live with or without them.


Researchers conclude that the family benefits when parents work together to raise their children.


At Indiana Parenting Institute, married or single parents can find family management services to strengthen family outcomes.

Dad will love adding five core 21st-century parenting, family management, and workplace skills to his Tool Kit. 
Happy african American young parents dance with cute little preschooler daughter in living

Supporting dads as they maneuver the joys and
challenges of fatherhood, life, work, and family

A child's first introduction to being parented is from the people who they are parented by. This also applies to learning how to develop happy and healthy relationships with self and others and how to succeed in life. Today, however, many parent styles are adopted based on media presentations of the family unit which may not  be in the best interest of the parent or child.

Just as telephones have evolved, so knows parenting. Many parents today who struggle with raising their children can benefit significantly from learning how to empower them for success.

Today's parenting is not about looking at parents from the perspective of "being a bad parent" but "being a smart parent."

The Urban Dad's Project

Whether living together or apart, both mom and dad are responsible for actively engaging in their child's life, nurturing their child's growth and development into responsible adulthood and citizenship.

Our core parenting Birth2Eighteen, age-appropriate parenting classes, is ideally suited to maximizing dads' parenting experience. These classes are essential tools for managing the growth and development of children from conception to young adulthood and the tool kit every dad needs to raise his kids, whether parenting together or apart. 


"Real-Life" Parenting Solutions"

Personal and Co-Parenting Relationship


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Foundational Parenting & Family Management


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Father and Child

Dads Parenting


Raising Sons vs. Daughters and Caring for Self

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Proud Father

Strengthen Personal & Professional Development Skills

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Dads Tool Kit:

Parenting Tweens & Teens

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Our parenting education programs are Evidence-Based, Approved, and Informed.

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