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Continuing Education

The Parent Educator Network Indiana (PENI) trains family services professionals and paraprofessionals to operate effectively in urban and rural communities utilizing evidence-based parenting interventions and case management supports to elevate outcomes for children, families, and their community.

Parent Educator Training

Grow Your Vision.  Continue to Learn.
Improve Knowledge & Skills.
Take a Stand.

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Continuing education is key.

PENI offers 5 Train-the-Trainer Courses

  1. Parent Educator Training (Certification)

  2. Parent Educator Facilitator Course

  3. Parent Educator Training for Foster & Kinship Families

  4. Personal and Professional Development Workshops

  5. Cultural Competency Training for Parents & Communities

We train and educate people who parent, educate, and provide care and service to families with children ages birth to eighteen.

A Preparation for Success


Continuing its tradition of providing the best services to parents, children, and communities, Indiana Parenting Institute’s Parent Educator Network is pleased to offer professional development classes for  professionals in service to families and children as well as to new and aspiring parent educators entering the human and social service field.

From textbook to hands-on.

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Get to Know Us

Who Benefits From  IPI Parent Education Programs?  You do, of course. Plus...

  • Direct family service providers

  • Parent/child/family educators

  • Healthcare and daycare workers

  • Correctional Services Personnel



Participants acquire professional development skills using evidence-based practices and the opportunity to apply the skills learned through supervised internships with parents raising children ages birth to eighteen.

Classes are taught by experienced industry professionals and Indiana Parenting Institute Certified Parent Educators.

  • Personal knowledge and skills

  • Community leaders and others in direct service to families.

  • Foster parents

  • Kinship families


Parenting Education
Builds Family Assets

We believe that strong families are the foundation of a strong society. Indiana Parenting Institute (IPI) provides family life skills training to enhance environments where children and their family live, work, learn, and play.


Our training sessions are designed to help families learn how to communicate better and positively manage their relationships.


Through these sessions, families acquire and develop the skills necessary to build strong bonds and create a supportive environment for their children across family generations. Whether living together or apart.

There is a science to healthy, responsible, productive parenting.  Do you know it?  Are you using it to raise your children?

MODERN PARENTING: Parenting that meets the developmental needs of children of their generation.

UpScale Your Parenting Skills!

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