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Chemistry Homework

What's essential for the success of a parent and a child?

Continuous Learning Inspires Continuing Success

Children love to mimic their

parent's behavior. What behaviors are you unconsciously teaching your children?

Modern Parenting Prevents

Childhood Trauma

Do you know your family's Social Skills IQ?

At what age should parents begin teaching children appropriate social skills? The answer, of course, is infancy.

Social skills are essential because they promote positive behavior, academic success, school success, and overall functioning. These skills enable us, as human beings, to know what to say, make good choices, and behave in diverse situations.


These formative social skills are also necessary for effective parenting and child behavior, teaching children to conduct themselves, respect themselves, others, and interact with their peers.

Parents have the power to Prevent and Reduce Childhood Trauma

When it comes to successfully guiding your children it's important to be knowledgeable about what that entails, get help as needed to fill in the gaps, and the support you need to produce healthy outcomes for you and your family.  Our collaborative community mental partners stand with us in achieving the best results for your family, children, and community.


What is Parenting 0 to 18?

(B2E) is the evidence-informed Parenting Education Program of the Indiana Parenting Institute. It teaches parents the deliberate importance of how to parent consciously for a desired outcome in a child's behavior and intellect from birth to eighteen using evidence-based parenting practices that align with the child's age and stage of development. It also includes how parents can monitor their own mental and emotional parenting behavior based on change in life circumstances, maturity, and awareness of the impact these factors have on their parenting style and behavior toward their children.


Non-Violent Parenting

Parental Child Abuse against children (0 to 18 years) is an unacceptable form of adult  parenting behavior in the United States and other countries worldwide. It carries legal penalties for the parent and can result in life-long trauma for the child. Join one of our Stress Management Groups for Parents and learn strategies to parent children lovingly vs. abusively.


Coping Power for Kids & Parents

Oppositional defiant disorder (ODD) is a behavior disorder diagnosed in childhood. ODD children are uncooperative, rebellious, and hostile toward peers, parents, teachers, and other authority figures. Research shows that children are not born with ODD but learn this behavior as a toddler within the environment in which they live. This class helps parents prevent childhood ODD.

Child at school

Problem Solving

This problem-solving course involves identifying problems and formulating and evaluating alternative solutions by weighing risks and benefits.

Father & Son Gaming


Communication skills include speaking well, listening well, giving and understanding instructions, and communicating appropriately to the situation and audience. We help teach children and families how to master these to enhance family relationships, culturally.


Ethics & Integrity

Integrity speaks to the trustworthiness and character. Essential skills for every parent and child.

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