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Support Parent Education

The need for improved parenting is more critical than ever as our daily life routines demand the use of ever-changing information and technology.  Join us.  Let's establish a community, a world in which every child's parent is equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to raise children to their full potential. 
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  • To provide critical life skills relevant to each advancing generation of parents and children to adjust and thrive in a changing civilization;

  • To deliberately educate parents and children on the beneficial and adverse effects of parenting on child development and behavior regularly;

  • To provide nurturing care, life skills, and education to help children reach their full potential;

  • To prevent and protect children and others from harm; to build, care for, and maintain safe neighborhoods and a prosperous society; and

  • To continually educate parents and adolescents across generations on recent advancements in child development and human behavior and integrate that knowledge into daily life.

Just In Time

Throughout the year, IPI sponsors initiatives that are open to the public on how every adult can be a catalyst for inspiring greatness in children in our region and learning more about the numerous challenges they face as well as what can and is being done to ensure child, student, and family success in our communities. The kind assistance of our members, volunteers, and supporters makes these educational events possible.

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You can help build a world where we nurture the potential of children. 


IPI Parent Action Council (IPAC).  Advocating for Pre-Teens


Council is open to NWI parents with school-age children ages 6-13 years interested in maintaining the continuous positive growth and development of pre-teen students before transitioning into high school.

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Annual State of the Family

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Convenes Annually  State of the Family Luncheon, Northwest Indiana Region, and other designated Indiana communities on health, education, and welfare.

(Guest Speakers & Open to the Public.)


Responsible Parenting Campaign

A year-round public service media initiative promotes child and youth health and safety measures. It informs and educates the public on the importance of responsible parenting to keep children safe, prepared, and equipped to succeed in school K-12 and into adulthood as accountable and productive citizens.

Parenting Awareness Month

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PAMI Indiana celebrates people raising children and calls attention to preparing for a return to school through the Family Resource Vendor Fair.

Month of August

Volunteers at Food Bank


Help support the mobilization of parents, community members, educators, businesses, and political leaders as advocates for trauma-informed parent and family management education to prevent child neglect and abuse and reduce teen pregnancy, school dropout, youth and adult violence, generational poverty, neighborhood deterioration, and a shrinking job-ready workforce.

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Engage with us in support of youth education, the importance of avoiding school failure, and provide opportunities for them to build a portfolio of community service and educational excellence as they transition into adulthood and lifelong self-independence.



You can help us support, inspire and connect moms and dads to information and resources on the importance of continuing self-education to elevate family health and well-being socially and economically as bridges out poverty.

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