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When You Are Solo Parenting.....

It's the QUALITY & CONTENT of Parenting that Matters.

Nurturing Children | Preparing Teens | Empowering Parents

& Strengthening Families

Parenting & Family Management Training

On a scale of 1 to 10, how important is raising healthy, safe kids who grow to become productive, responsible adults?  If you are like most parents, it is job #1.

Indiana Parenting Institute programs and services will help you achieve that outcome.

Family Togetherness Come in Different Ways.
Family Management Training Synchronizes Your Priorities @Home and @Work


Managing Child Behavior

Child behavior is one of the significant child-rearing challenges that parents face today. IPI's parent management training strengthens and supports parents challenged by the behavioral complexities of parenting school-age children.


Parent and Family Management

The IPI parent and family education program allow parents to enhance parenting outcomes by learning new parenting practices that make raising children from birth to age 18 more effective and produce better life outcomes for children.

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Your Childs Amazing Brain

The average adult human brain can store the equivalent of 2.5 million gigabytes of digital memory, meaning humans only utilize a fraction of their brain capacity. From a parenting perspective, your child's brain can learn far more than most parents can teach them, so higher education outside the home is critical to helping children succeed.

Parenting for Parenting Couples

It's never too early to start teaching kids essential life skills.  After all, there is a fine line between life skills and professional development skills both which are needed for success in life and in the workplace. Set your child up for success. Start early!

What's Your Parenting IQ?
IPI's parenting skills and assessment process helps determine the best program approach
 to help achieve your parent and family management goals.

Living Well at Work and at Home

Bring a ParentChat Lunch to your Workplace.  Your workplace Moms and Dads Will Love You For it!

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