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Fatherlessness and its effects on American society. Across America, 2022 data indicates there are approximately 18.3 million children who live without a father in the home, comprising about 1 in 4 US children. About 80% of single-parent homes are led by single mothers

What's the Issue?

Nurturing Dads - Fatherhood

Dads raising children are welcome here!

The world is such a busy place filled with all kinds of things that easily distract our time, health, and attention away from those things that truly matter and need our attention most.

A dad's highest priority should be nurturing, caring for, and protecting his seed (child).

Young Black Dad And His Adorable Infant Child Relaxing Together At Home, African American

Nurturing Dads

A father is essential in a child's life. This class examines the building blocks a single or partnered father can use to develop a solid relationship with his children/family from birth to age 18 and beyond.



Children are great imitators of their parent's behaviors. What messages are your behavior and words teaching your child about being an adult, parent, and role model? Learn to parent consciously in this class to support your children in becoming responsible and productive young people and adult citizens of society.

Girl Brushing Dad's Teeth

When Relationships Fall Apart

Not all adult relationships withstand the test of time. When relationships fall apart and children are involved, the love and care of the child is the cement that holds the civility of the ties together to ensure the health and well-being of the child. Court-ordered group or private sessions are available day or evening, virtual or in the office.

When it comes to parenting, no one has all the answers.


Becoming an effective parent does not come automatically but, like any other skill, comes with plenty of knowledge, practice, and experience.

Our parenting education programs reinforce parental practices that promote healthy child growth and development and provide alternatives to harmful or nonproductive traditions so all family members achieve their highest potential as a member of the family unit.

How It Works


A unique and modern-day parenting program for today’s urban dad designed to:


  • Increase awareness of unhealthy parenting practices.


  • Teach healthy parenting practices that prompt positive parent and child outcomes – long-term.

  • Equip dads with the skills to teach their children the value of education, good citizenship, discernment, planning for long-term success, and the generational importance of the father’s role in the family.


  •  Instruct and provide dads with the knowledge and tools to prepare their children to function responsibly in society.


The Urban Dads parenting education and family management program is just for dads parenting children ages birth to twelve (0 to 18) years. Classes meet once weekly unless otherwise arranged or required as follows:


  • Four bi-weekly, 1-hour virtual sessions via ZOOM (English Speaking: group or individual  sessions.)

  • 4-6  (1.5 hours) group classroom sessions for a maximum of 12 parents - taught in English meets 1x weekly

  • In-person registrations (by appointment only)


Class Schedule
  • In-person group class  minimum of 12 dads.




Online or in-person registrations by appointment.  Call Indiana Parenting Institute to learn more about in-person registration.


Each father is assigned a parent advocate to discuss how we may help build a community network of resources to help provide for the family's well-being.


Our courses are approved by the Indiana Department of Children and Family Services, and families are also referred to us through the  Court. This program complies with required state contract terms.

Have It Your Way

Customize Your Parenting,  Family, or Relationship Management Sessions.

Father and Son

Parent Advisory Service

Some situations are just too important to discuss in a group.


IPI's Parent Advisory Service can help you uncover answers to difficult parenting or relationship concerns. We can help you determine what you want from a relationship and take steps to get there.

To schedule a confidential meeting, click the Let's Chat! Link below.

Promises to Keep

A change in family relationships can leave all members drifting in the emotional throes of loss, guilt, anger, isolation, and emotionally and physically drained.

Our Promises to Keep ParentChat, supports dads in rebuilding and strengthening from loss, picking up the pieces, and building a life of joy as a dad, parenting and creating a healthy life with his children.


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