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Parents, Schools, & Community

When people have the knowledge, skills, and resources they become empowered to lift up their children and their community. We educate, engage, and support parents, schools, and the community in training and decision making that demonstrate commitment and advocacy for children and their families in the communities we serve across Indiana and beyond.

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Become a sponsoring member of the RESPONSIBLE PARENTING CAMPAIGN. Help Fund School Dropout Prevention Training

Before Kids Reach Their Teen Years.

We give parents new ways and places to get the services and training they need to balance life, home, and work, help their kids do well in school, manage their time and energy, and keep their family's well-being stable.

Attentive Therapist


Hosting a working lunch with co-workers or just for you to get personalized solutions to parenting challenges is a fun and convenient way to learn ways to address parenting concerns you have.


Small Group Class

Do you love the fun and input of learning in a group environment and making new friends?  Then, these parenting sessions are for you. Register for a day or evening class.  Your choice!

Mother and Daughter


Virtual classes are now all the rave. Busy parents love the convenience of learning in the privacy of their home or even while on vacation.  It is not unusual for both mom and dad and even the children, to join the conversation.


In Indiana, between 8,000 to 10,000 high school students drop out each year, and 40 percent of those never enter the workforce creating a deficit in workforce needs for qualified workers.  We help parents and communities to prepare children to succeed as responsible contributors to the economy through parenting, education, and training.

The Responsible Parenting Campaign is dedicated to preventing school dropout before kids reach their teen years. Invest in kids, today.

Biology Class


Helping parents and teachers do well-managing student behavior, and academic success is made more manageable and achievable through our customizable school-based L-SAT life skill development programs for grades 6 through 12.

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Creative Office

Community Education

Children thrive in the context of their environment. Parents, schools, and communities perform critical roles in children's mental, physical, and emotional health. Indiana Parenting Institute Parent Advisory Council (IPAC) works with community leaders and residents to enhance protections and opportunities for children in their community.

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