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Personal Development
21st Century Life Skills for Families

Get Help. Take the First Step...

Sometimes all you need is a word of encouragement or the services of a caring, knowledgeable, certified parenting professional or coach to help get you through your challenging parenting or family life decisions.


          Single Parent

                            Married Parents

                                            Working Parent

                                          Divorced/Divorcing Parents

                                                  Stay-at-Home Parent

                                                                   Kinship Caregiver



​IPI's 21st Century Life Skills Education and Training programs for people raising children ages 0 to 18, is the solution to parenting and family management that you have been hoping for to strengthen family relationships. provides families with the training, skills, and process to address, manage, and resolve problematic parenting and family management issues.

Parenting and family management is easier when you know how to use parenting and child growth and development skills to help achieve positive outcomes



People raising children birth to eighteen are encouraged to become active participants in our Family Life-Skills Education and Training Programs to:

  • Strengthen family relationships, child and health outcomes

  • Strengthen social skills that contribute to better family communication

  • Strengthen professional development skills that enhance work performance, on-the-job and career success for you and your children as the move into adulthood

  • Strengthen student behavior and academic success

  • Improves community safety and positive growth

  • Reduce mental health factors that lead to community violence, teen pregnancy, bullying, truancy, and school drop-out, and poverty

  • Learn and incorporate in the parenting process how to teach children essential personal and professional development skills



Why Family Life Education & Training?

About it...

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