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STRENGTHENING Family Health & Well-Being

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A place for help before parenting and after essential family needs get tough.


Kids Doctor Checkup


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Strengthening Families

Life is filled with uncertainties, and with children in the mix, it is not uncommon to have unexpected needs at any given moment, whether you are prepared or not.

Family Support Services are available in communities across the country, ranging widely in scope of resources and services depending on whether you are a senior, a foster parent, in need of health care services, or a new or young parent with children under 18.

These services may also vary depending on the needs of families in the community.

Contact us. We can help connect you to resources that will turn a mountain of needs into a mold hill.

To Do's for Positive Outcomes

Partial Listing
of Community Services Offered

.Employment & Training
.Continuing Education & Training
.Job Search Preparation
.Employment Training
.Parenting Education
.Family Management
.Help with filling out papers
.Money Management
.Tax Filing

Student School Issues

  1. Truancy Prevention & Intervention

  2. Behavior Management

  3. School Readiness

  4. Bullying

  5. Parent Readiness

  6. Family Support Services

  7. Healthcare Services

  8. and more

Here's the Deal...
When Seeking Services, be Prepared to Receive!

  • Remember to bring essential documents about why you need support and your identification. Documentation speaks louder than words.


  • Make sure you have planned for childcare before you leave home. Check with the service agency to be assured you can bring the kiddos.


  • IPI has a small play area and reading room, especially for the children. We also have snacks for staff, families, and kids; however, parents must decide whether the kids can have the snacks available at our center. (We think healthy.)


  • Punctuality is important; remember that the meeting with the support specialist is a fact-finding mission.


  •  Remember, the information you provide will ensure you get the best outcomes for yourself and your family. So o, the questions asked may not seem relevant to your need, but our agency must collect certain types of family data.

  • We recommend to all of our parents that they participate in our 2-hour Information Session as they gain access to available community resources that will benefit the family.  It is both informative and non-stressful and helps parents fully understand the process. Parents can discuss interest concerns during the workshop and gain helpful feedback or additional services and resources.

  • We look forward to working with you.

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The Look and
the JOY of  Mission Accomplished 

Services available to Lake County Indiana Families.
Welcome!  Our staff is available to assist you and your family.
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